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Gen Z and the Future Workforce

The Future Workforce: Appealing to Gen Z Talent

Who are Gen Z and how do they tie into the work culture and hiring patterns of the future? This is what we will explore in this blog. Read more
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Discord App

The Discord App & Digital Workspaces: How Does It Fit In?

The move toward online communications tools is a much-needed investment, especially in the workplace. One such platform is the Discord app.
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TikTok Recruitment

TikTok Recruitment: The Future of Hiring?

To understand why TikTok Recruitment has so much potential as a possible recruitment application, we need to look at some facts and numbers.
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Candidate Ghosting

Candidate Ghosting: Recruitment Is a Haunted House Filled with Ghosts

As a recruiter, have you ever lost a candidate for no apparent reason? Well, candidate ghosting can have a lot of reasons. Read more in this blog about what those reasons might be, and what you can do to address them.
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Candidate Referrals

How to Cultivate Candidate Referrals

Candidate referrals are a great asset for any recruitment process. However, the secret lies in knowing how to cultivate them in your favor.
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HR Tech

From Metaverse to Automated Reference Checks: Where is HR Tech Heading?

HR tech has seen leaps and bounds in the technology being implemented across the various industries. Have a look at the different trends taking place in the world of recruitment!
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